Snuggle Puppy Starter Kit

Now that you’ve brought home your new family member, it’s time to help them settle in to their new home. This snuggle puppy starter kit is the cure for stress and anxiety puppies may experience when they are first adopted away from their mothers. With a calming heartbeat and warm heat pack, they’ll feel right at home in no time!


Contains an Original Snuggle Puppy, 3 Heat Packs, A Snuggle Puppy Blanket, Puppy’s 1st Toy and Puppy Teething Aid.

Get more sleep! Helps with crate & kennel training by reducing barking, whining and anxiety for your dog, helping both YOU and your Dog sleep at night.

The Snuggle Puppy toy with heartbeat has a ‘real-feel’ pulse that calms, appealing to natural instincts by naturally mimicking a mother and litter mates. Made from durable and machine washable fabric (once the heat pad and heartbeat are removed).

Teething aid provides relief for puppies’ aching, itchy gums during teething. Fill with water by running under a faucet or submerging in water with the teeth up, then freeze.

Provides extra warmth and comfort for your pet with soft high density material. Made with machine washable extra-soft fleece, 48″ x 30″. Catches and holds shedding hair to protect.



Our 12 week old Corgi has had the Snuggle Puppy from the day we brought her home at 8 weeks of age. It made crate training a breeze and she now puts herself to bed and waits for me to come and switch on the heart. LOVE this! Blanket that came with it is sooo soft. The toys are great too!


Bought this when my dog was a puppy. The electric heartbeat helped transition her away from sleeping with her litter. She sleeps on the bed now, but she’ll still take naps laying next to this stuffed dog.


The Snuggle Puppy is the best purchase I’ve made this year!!! We got a new puppy a month ago and I was so worried about crate training. I really feel like this product made all of the difference. We turn the puppy on and our little guy goes to bed with no complaints.

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