Achieve A Work-Life Balance

In today’s American work culture, many work around the clock staying vigilant with their emails and responding to messages. This has shown an increase in employee burnout and is playing a huge role in our countries mental health crisis. While there is no true perfect balance, there are some techniques you can utilize and create better harmony between the two.

Why is This Important?

Finding serenity between your work and personal life reduces burnout and improves your mental and physical health. This not only influences you but can have an adverse affect on your loved ones if not taken care of properly.

Work From Home

Commuting to the office every day not only takes up a lot of your time but sitting in traffic after a long day at the office only leads to more frustration. If you can, work from home a few days a week and stay in your pajamas (nobody will know). The time you saved can be used to start working sooner or knock out a few chores around the house!

Have a Realistic Schedule

Be prepared to be fluid in your schedule when balancing your work and social life. Some days at work may be longer but staying later on Tuesday could free up Friday, allowing you to leave earlier. If you can, start planning your week in advance, prioritizing what needs to be done and when you need to complete it by.

Take Breaks

It has become normalized to work through your lunch break and eat at your desk. Take a true lunch break and leave the office for a while. Every few hours, walk away from your desk and take a few minutes to decompress by getting away from your computer screen.


Stop monitoring your email 24/7 and enjoy the free time you have to spend with your loved ones. Make it known that when you leave the office you won’t be responding to emails. Your employer can never show the unwavering support a loved one can. You should cherish the time you have with them and leave work at the office.

Use Your PTO

Use all of your paid time off. You accrue it for a reason and should use it as such and may not roll over into the next year if you don’t. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on an expensive trip. Use this on a mental health day when you need it or to take an extra long holiday weekend to rest and relax. Don’t worry about catching up on missed work, the rest on your mind and body will be worth it.

Communicate With Management

If you’re having issues with burnout and need a change, talk to your management team. They can assist with your work load and evaluate your situation. This is where you can get the support you need, or possibly have them hire another team member to lighten the load. This can be a good time to evaluate your future with the company as well. If your concerns are disregarded, it may be time to start looking for a better opportunity.

Balancing your work life and personal life is a great way to avoid burnout and fatigue. Use these tips to better your situation and become more at peace with your responsibilities!

Rachel Caple

Rachel Caple has more than 18 years of experience in mortgage banking industry. Residing in Castle Rock, CO. Rachel spends her spare time with her husband, Sean and 4 boys. She also enjoys traveling, attending hockey games, and playing golf (or attempting to).

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