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The weather is warming up just in time for the kids spring break. This is a great time to go out and have some fun during your much deserved time off! Here are some fun ways you can pass the time and enjoy your break!

Walk Outside

Take in some rays and get some fresh air by going for a walk outside. Staying active is good for your health and walking is a fantastic way to get started! If you’re up for more of a challenge, local hiking trails make for a good workout and allows you to take in the nature around you.

Explore Your City

How often do you go out and try new local places? Give your towns tourist attractions a try so you can fall in love with your hometown all over again. Check out this article we wrote with inspiration on how to have fun and explore your home!

Fire Up The Grill

Slip on your favorite pair of dad shoes and get the grill running! Keep it simple with some burgers and hot dogs or turn on the smoker and get creative with your cooking. Make this a tradition and use it as inspiration to remodel your backyard to your needs!


Put together a collection of your favorite food, snacks, and beverages so you can go for a picnic! Picnics are an easy, relaxing experience meant to get you outside and in the fresh air. You can make food at home or stop at your favorite food spot and pick up your meal! Bring fun games and activities that’ll get you to move around and exercise!


Spend your free time helping out those in need. Volunteer at a local shelter, charity, or non-profit and make a difference in your community! Any time is a good time to support a good cause and help others. You can find volunteer opportunities near you here!

Go For A Swim

Spend a day in the water! There’s no better way to enjoy the weather then by going for a swim. You can hit up the beach, lake, or pool for some good fun while catching a tan in the process! You can keep your items secure and dry by purchasing this awesome beach tote!


Not every activity requires you being active. Spend your free time catching up on sleep and have a do nothing day! Give yourself a mental reset to rest both your mind and body. It’s important to take care of your health, and giving your body time to rest is a great way to accomplish that!

We hope that your spring break is fun and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Did you do anything exciting during your break? Share it with us by tagging @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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