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Now that the holidays are here it’s time to host your annual holiday party. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a first timer, throwing a holiday party is the perfect way to show off your beautiful home! Below are tips on how to achieve the best party that your loved ones will enjoy!

Pick a Date

If you can, pick your date months in advance and let your guests know as soon as possible. With many people visiting family and going to other parties during the month of December, it’s best to get ahead and put your party on the forefront. Sending out postcard invites is a nice touch that your invitees will love!

Choose a Fun Theme

Themed parties give your guests the opportunity to get creative with what they wear and bring. Throwing a holiday themed costume party or asking everyone to wear an ugly sweater will surely get some interesting creations! This doesn’t have to be holiday themed, make this your own and get inventive with it!

Let your House Shine with Fun Decor

Create the perfect atmosphere for your party by decorating your home for the occasion. Remind your guests of the occasion and celebrate in style! Buying new home decor items from retailers or adding some pizazz to existing items in your homes adds the perfect touch!

Provide a Good Spread of Food

Let’s be real here, almost everyone looks forward to the food at parties more than the party itself. Prepare enough food for everybody and then some so you don’t run out and all guests are fed. Try out this delicious pizza roll recipe we found that your guests will devour!

Keep the Drinks Flowing

You’ll want plenty of beverages to go a long with your food. Eggnog is a holiday classic but a mixed drink or two is almost always appreciated by guests. We recommend trying out this sweet yet energizing Dirty Chai Cocktail inspired by the holiday classic Christmas Vacation!

Party Games

It’s important to keep your guests occupied during the party. Whether that means you’ll be camped around the TV watching holiday movies together or playing party games, you’ll want something to keep them entertained. If you are looking to exchange gifts, organizing a game of White Elephant is fun, and the gifts people bring are always exciting to see!

Hopefully this list has you prepared and ready to go for your holiday party! If you used any of the tips from this article, let us know by tagging @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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