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Mix your Dirty Chai in style this year with this smart coaster! This coaster and mixer combo takes all of the work out of cocktail making by telling you exactly what you need to poor. With a handy app loaded up with fun and delicious recipes, this is the perfect device for your holiday party!


Easy to store: This compact and portable device that allows you to make your favorite cocktails in under 30 seconds. Unlike a bulky cocktail maker machine, the Barsys Smart Coaster measures 14 cm in top diameter, 11 cm in bottom diameter, and 3 cm in thickness.

No experience required: Cocktail lovers don’t need any prior cocktail experience or bartending knowledge to use the Barsys Smart Coaster. The coaster syncs to the app on your phone, following along with step by step instructions on the screen, measuring how much liquid there is, as you make your favorite drinks.

Precise: This coaster precisely measures cocktail ingredients as they are poured, ensuring that each drink is made to perfection.

Easy to use: The Barsys Coaster is electromagnetic and does not require batteries or a power source. It’s as easy as plugging it into a power source, connecting via Bluetooth to the Barsys Coaster App and crafting your perfect drink recipes.

Customizable: The Barsys app can customize drinks to your preferences by suggesting cocktails based on flavors you enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity drink or a classic cocktail, the Barsys app will have drink recipes for you.



Simply love this! It makes creating a great cocktail very easy bartender style!


We love the BARSYS Coaster! It has taken our cocktail making skills to the next level, and it is so fun to use. Even our bartender friends are impressed! We recommend this product to all of our friends.


This coaster is awesome. I feel like I can make any drink. If it’s not in the library you can even add your own concoction!

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