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Imitating the full spectrum in sunlight, the sunlight therapy lamp provides natural sunlight with a recommended intensity of 10,000-38600 lux. 


【Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature】This light therapy lamp provides you with 3 color temperatures (daylight, natural light, warm light) to simulate the intensity of the sun in the morning, midnight and evening, with 10 levels of adjustable brightness and step reduction dimming. You can adjust the sun light therapy lamp to suit your mood.

【Improve Mood and Energy】Mood Enhancement Light has a larger and softer luminous surface, giving you more power and brightness, so it can be used in indoor isolation, rainy days, jet lag, winter sadness, depression, insomnia, lack of sunlight and changing Gangdu should have a circadian optics light therapy lamp

【Your sun is always with you】You can turn on our light therapy lamp while eating, working, exercising, sleeping and studying. It will help those who really hate the dark, a lovely depression light will accompany you all the time, make you feel good all day,

【A Perfect Gift】For your friends and family, our light therapy lamp is a perfect gift. We should pay attention to the emotions of friends and family members in time, and let the sunshine stay with them. Hope that all of our lives are full of sunshine.



Bought this as a gift for my sister because of its variable functions and she is 100% pleased!


I use it in a windowless, dark office space and it makes my room cozy and easier to work in. I’m glad I found it.


Color and brightness are easily adjustable. This helps a lot with seasonal affective disorder. I didn’t have SAD when working from home (during the pandemic lockdowns) since I could sit next to a window. I got this for my office desk to cheer me up.


I chose this for my daughter, who seems to be greatly affected by seasonal daylight hours.

It works, but is very bright. So bright that it ended up annoying her and she won’t use it now.

So, this one is a mixed blessing! But it might help someone who really hates the dark.

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