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With these small citronella candles, it’s never been easier to bring a cool, modern vibe to your outdoor living space. Pair this Patio Essentials 6-ounce ceramic citronella candle 3-pack with other outdoor candles and tiki torches in our modern or farmhouse décor collections and space them 18-36 inches apart around the perimeter of your outdoor space for maximum coverage.

Rectangular Citronella Candle


Dimensions: 4.72″ x 3.19″ x 2.95″hMaterials: Terracotta Pot, Braided Rope, Wax CandleApproximately 15 hours of burn timeContains 3% real citronella oilCreates a relaxed, style-forward environment for backyard activities and eventsAfter the candle has completely burned out, the terracotta vessel can be reused as a plant holder, tealight holder, or as small storageFor maximum coverage, pair with other citronella products around your perimeter to create a barrier of protectionFor outdoor usage only



Love these, perfect for the outdoors!


These are definitely an upgrade from the traditional citronella candles I am used too. Elegant and eye-catching.

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