9 Backyard Party Essentials for This Summer

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If you are organizing your next backyard get together, show off your party planning expertise with these summer celebration must-haves!

9 Backyard Party Essentials for This Summer

MURREL Outdoor Sectional Set

Stylish and spacious, this MURREL outdoor sectional is perfect for nearly any backyard get together. The neurtal colors and versatile shape guarantee plenty of options for everyone.

Rylee Rectangular Citronella Candles

Mosquitos are a surefire way to ruin any gathering. Dissuade any unwanted winged ‘party guests’ with these fashionable yet effective Rylee citronella candles.

FUNBOY Giant Cabana Dayclub

Keep cool and enjoy the summer sun with your closest friends on the FUNBOY pool float. Re-engineered to be better than ever, the FUNBOY has thicker materials, stronger seams and improved backrests for optimized comfort and style.

KOVE Commuter 2 Split Bluetooth Speaker

Portable and water-resistant, the KOVE bluetooth speaker has an additional hidden feature that is sure to wow your guests. The split two-in-one function creates an optimal left & right stereo, great for pool party surround sound.

Elakai 2×4 Grand Teton Cornhole Boards

These Elakai cornhole boards are undoubtedly pieces of art, but they don’t lack in function. Don’t miss out on a beautiful statement piece and a great backyard activity all in one!

Permasteel  80-Quart Beverage Cooler

Keep your drinks cool and your aesthetic cooler with the Permasteel beverage cooler. They come in multiple bright colors sure to match your style.

HUBEE Birdy Silicone Popsicle Mold

What says ‘summer’ better than popsicles? These bird-shaped molds are easy to use, food-safe, and fun for all ages.

Portfolio Globe String Lights

Blazing bonfires in summer can be a too hot for some. Don’t sacrifice beautiful warm light after dark with the Portfolio globe string lights.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Bamboo-Melamine Dinner Plates

Style and sustainablility never looked so good. Made of a bamboo-melamine combination, these Hearth & Hand dinner plates are backyard-safe, ecofriendly, and reusable, perfect for the environmentally responsible homeowner.

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