Kitchen Academy Cookware Set

With 12 types of pots and pans has everything you’ll need in your home kitchen and can cook any recipe! This set is non-stick and easy to clean. If you’re set to improve your cooking skills, this is the perfect cookware set for you!


Includes 8-inch fry pan / 11-inch fry pan / 9.7-inch Deep Fry Pan with lid / 1.5Q saucepan with lid / 3Q casserole with lid / 5Q casserole with lid / 2 pcs silicone utensils. The Interchangeable lid can be used for fry pan.

Toxin-free Cooking Set – When buying cookware, one of the important things is nonstick capabilities. The graniteware coating do a good job in preventing food from sticking. Also, you’ll be able to cook healthier meals for your family since you won’t have to use as much oil. You can safely cook tomato sauce in granite cookware cookware, the taste and smell of your food will not change even if you use acidic or strong-smelling ingredients.

Toxin-free Cooking Set – When buying a new set, make sure that it clearly indicates that it is lead, PFOS, PFOA-free. These are the three things that you don’t want to have in your cookware because of their potential health dangers. Fortunately, you can get granite cookware that are free of these harmful chemicals. For more healthy & Eco-friendly.

Induction Cookware Sets – When it comes to the interior, this cookware uses an aluminum core. The result is that the pan heats up quickly, and more importantly, distributes heat evenly. The cookware set works on all major types of cooktops. Larger high magnetic conductive stainless steel base ensure induction compatible, especially glass stove.

Pots and Pans with Bakelite Handle – Bakelite is used because it has heat-resistant properties and is an electrical insulator. Bakelite would not burn when exposed to high heat. Handle is safe up to 350 degrees, for a limited time. Dark handle is more stain-resistant and easy to clean too.



Everything about this set is amazing!! Cooks evenly, easy cleanup, and it’s really non-stick! The handles have a silicon feel, which I like. It’s definitely worth the money!! Nice, sturdy, quality set!


They are GORGEOUS, the handles are a soft silicone that stays cool to the touch and the non stick is FANTASTIC. My only complaint is that the skillet doesn’t come w a lid as I use mine to make potstickers frequently. However, I appreciate the pic shows no lid so it’s clear there isn’t one. I would definitely buy again but I think these are going last a long time because the quality is so good!


These are the first pans I have used where everything just slides right out. I would absolutely recommend these. I had worried with a steam vent that rice would not cook properly but it was perfect. Also, they do heat up very quickly. Beautiful and well worth the money.

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