Spring Volunteer Ideas

Spend the beautiful spring months by helping out your community and helping those around you! Assist your neighbors in need, start a donation drive, or clean up nature in your area. Any help is better than no help. So please, go out and Be A Good Human!

Yard Cleanup for Seniors

Give a helping hand to senior citizens in your area by raking the leaves in their yard! It can be tough for some elderly folk to move around and take part in this strenuous activity, get some sunlight and exercise while being a good neighbor all at the same time!

Clothing Drive

Donate used clothes that are in good condition. This helps the less fortunate prepare for the summer months and provides them with clothes that will keep them cool and away from the heat. Talk to local charities about what areas are in the most need. You can even partner with local schools and donate directly to the children in your community!

Register For a Charity Run

Get moving and sign up for a charity run! The proceeds from your registration go to the charity hosting the run so your contribution will go to a good cause! If you’re interested, you may want to consider these All Birds running shoes that are perfect for running and sustainable for the environment!

Host a Book Drive

Host a book drive at your local library and encourage the children in your area to spend the summer reading! Keep the kids off of their phones and expand their imaginations. Schools in your neighborhood may already have a summer reading list, contact a local school and donate some of the books on there!

Start a Community Garden

Plant a community garden and donate the food to those who do not have access to fresh produce. This promotes healthy eating and puts food on someone else’s plate! You can buy seeds at local farmers markets and home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Clean Local Hiking Trails

Enjoy the weather and clean the environment. Clean up local hiking trails by following the paths and cleaning up trash you see along the way. This will get you to exercise and clean the Earth all at once! When you’re done, replenish yourself with these delicious trail mix granola bars!

Volunteer in your community this spring and help those around you. We hope that this list was able to inspire you to volunteer. If you have any other volunteer ideas, let us know by tagging us at @homebygeneva on Instagram!

Rachel Caple

Rachel Caple has more than 18 years of experience in mortgage banking industry. Residing in Castle Rock, CO. Rachel spends her spare time with her husband, Sean and 4 boys. She also enjoys traveling, attending hockey games, and playing golf (or attempting to).

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