Tips To Reduce Screen Time

Many of us spend way too much time on our phones. This can be detrimental to both your mental and physical health and the drawbacks of this are immense. Reducing the time you spend on your devices can improve your overall wellbeing and help you increase your productivity. Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce screen time and capitalize on your newfound time!

Tips To Reduce Screen Time

Log Your Screen Time

Check your phones activity log to see when you most use your phone the most and how often you use it. This will tell you how much time you spend on your device and create a baseline for how much you need to cut back. Fun fact, you can also edit your settings and limit how many times you open your phone during the day!

Make Meal Time Family Time

When eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your family, put your phone away and focus on spending quality time with your loved ones. Use this time to catch up on each others day or week and give your eyes a much needed break from staring at a screen.

Stay Off Your Phone Before Bed

Stop phone usage at least an hour before bed going to bed. If you get distracted and doomscroll on your phone, you will stay up later than you should and get less sleep. This not only leads to more phone usage but also limits the amount of sleep you get, making you less rested and energized during the day.

Read A Book

Take advantage of your newfound time by exercising your mind! Reading, writing, or doing something more fun and creative are the perfect ways to accomplish this. Try painting with this awesome paint set and do your best Bob Ross impression by painting some happy little trees!

Make Your Phone Boring

The best way to limit how much time you spend on your phone is to limit your phones appeal. Delete apps that encourage you to stay on your device such as phone games and social apps. It will be much easier to stay off your device when apps that keep you glued to your screen are no longer there.

Check Emails Only At Work

Give your mind a break and reduce your stress by setting boundaries on checking work emails. Use work hours for work and only check your emails at the office. No email is important enough to stop you from watching your child’s soccer game or disrupting a family vacation.

Go Outside

If you resort to your phone when you get bored, go outside and get some fresh air instead! Move around, burn some extra calories, and get active instead of scrolling Instagram and looking at cute photos of cats on the internet. Both your body and mind will thank you!

Focus on what’s important and limit the time you spend on mobile devices. Reduce strain on your eyes and be more productive by using these helpful tips!

Rachel Caple

Rachel Caple has more than 18 years of experience in mortgage banking industry. Residing in Castle Rock, CO. Rachel spends her spare time with her husband, Sean and 4 boys. She also enjoys traveling, attending hockey games, and playing golf (or attempting to).

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