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Springs arrival is the perfect reason to clean your home and welcome the fresh spring air. However, there’s so much more to spring cleaning than washing windows and finally cleaning the top of the refrigerator. Here are some ways you can clean (and clean out) your home and prepare it for the fun spring festivities ahead!

Clean Rooms in the Home

As mentioned above, spring cleaning is a great time to clean your home from top to bottom. Focus on the areas of your home you normally forget about like floorboards, windows, and light fixtures. Deep clean your home by dusting, mopping, and scrubbing your floors, furniture, and countertops. For a more in depth checklist, check out this article from Martha Stewart!

Empty Out Your Garage

It’s easy to “put something away” by shoving it in the garage. This can start to pile up after awhile and can become overwhelming. Now’s the time for you to re-organize your garage, reduce clutter, and create more space!

Donate Unused Items

Dive into your closets, garage, and other living spaces so you can set aside items you no longer use or need. There’s no better way to clear up space in your home than by reducing the amount of things taking up space! Donate, sell, or gift old clothes, tools, appliances, and anything else you find laying around collecting dust and cluttering up your home!

Home Safety Inspection

Protect your home and your loved ones by doing a thorough safety inspection. Replace the batteries in smoke detectors, install a home security system, and check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher. Don’t have one? Buy one! There are so many tips and tricks that will prepare you in case of an emergency. For a full list, check out this article here!

Don’t Forget the Backyard!

Touch up your front yard, backyard, and any appliances you have outside. Clean out your tool shed and mow the lawn in preparation for some fun spring barbeques! Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your grill and replace the propane tank/charcoal so you can try this awesome grilled Mahi-mahi recipe!

Refresh your home this spring by going above and beyond with your spring cleaning! Have any tips for cleaning your home? Share them with us @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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