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As time passes, once popular trends begin to fade and become outdated. However, some trends prove timeless and have a resurgence in mainstream pop culture (looking at you, mullets). This can also apply to home furnishings! Here are some retro decor items coming back into popularity that you can put in your home!


Modular, curved, and corner sofas are making a comeback. These may be perfect for your home if you are looking to utilize your living space as efficiently as possible. Modular sofas are individual sections that are moved to your liking, making your living room spacing much more flexible!

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is perfect for large family gatherings. They can hold condiments, utensils, and napkins for easy accessibility so table guests can get what they need. Now, you can avoid reaching over others at the table and give this a spin!


The use of brass in lamps, doorknobs, and other home accessories is gaining popularity with their warm, metallic tones. Once dated, this now stylish decor is perfect for home spaces like bathrooms and kitchens! Interior designers recommend keeping brass usage to accent pieces only!

Vinyl Turntables

In recent years, musicians have begun to sell albums on classic vinyl again; this has led to a boom in the number of people owning record players and starting vinyl collections. These are great for parties as many modern turntables have new technology like Bluetooth adaptability! If you are trying to start your own record collection, check out this modernized record player we found!

China Cabinets

China cabinets are no longer something you inherit from your grandparents. Now commonly used as fun DIY reclamation projects, thrifting and customizing China cabinets to match the colors in your home is all the rage!


Mixers, crockpots, and pressure cookers are in much more frequent use now. What was seen as equipment taking up counter space in your kitchen; these devices have been growing in popularity since the pandemic when we were all home making bread! Looking for a recipe for your slow cooker? Give this pumpkin chili recipe a try!


Consumers have been wanting the rooms in their home to have personality and individuality. Because of this, wallpaper is trending this year for providing stylistic designs at affordable prices! If wallpaper isn’t your thing, check out these helpful tips with picking paint colors for your wall!


Give your home a personal touch with classic printed photos! While not necessarily a decor item, it is now often used for home design with a personal touch. Polaroids, instant film, and disposable cameras have an appealing aesthetic that people enjoy adorning walls in bedrooms and dens with loving memories.

House Phones

We’re talkin landlines here, no digital home phones. Landlines and other antique phones are gathering attention as decorative pieces in homes with their classic look. Standard landlines are look great placed on end tables in the living room or the desk in your home office!

Give your home a modern touch on one of these timeless classics! Retro design has been a popular trend in recent years, and we’re sure your home will look amazing with a little bit of a vintage touch. If you have any retro decor items in your home, show them off by tagging @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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