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The teams are set and the championship is on! Super Sunday is right around the corner and if you’re like the other 115 millions viewers who watched last year, you’ll be watching again this year! If you’re throwing a party for the big game you’ll want to make sure your home is properly prepped and ready to go!


Give your home a football inspired theme and purchase cups, plates, and utensils for the occasion. Paper cups, plates, and one-use plastic cups make clean up easy and saves you a bunch of time after the party!

Snacks to Munch On

Have plenty of snacks available for your guests to munch on throughout the game. This includes, chips, dip, and sweets! If you’re looking for the perfect dip to make, try out this spinach and artichoke dip recipe that will make your mouth water! It goes great with either tortilla chips or cut up sourdough bread!

Living Room Setup

Extra seating is a must for the ultimate viewing experience. Have extra seats around the TV so everyone can watch the game comfortably and nobody is left standing for 4 hours. You may have to rearrange the room everyone will be in to hold as many people as possible and can all watch together!

Delicious Appetizers

Any super Sunday party includes at least one person there just for the food and socialization! Whether you’re hosting or attending someone else’s party, this pub beer cheese paired with a salty pretzel is the perfect appetizer to get everyone ready for some football!

Proper Streaming Platform

The most important aspect of your big game party is, well, watching the big game. With streaming opening up so many opportunities, we have some options. Services like Fubo, Paramount+, and YouTube TV will be showing the game. If you have cable you can watch it on CBS and Nickelodeon, and who wouldn’t want to hear SpongeBob commentate on the game?

If you don’t have a subscription to any of these services you can always start a free trial and cancel it after the game. We promise we won’t tell anybody!

TV Setup

Make your party complete, show the game on a high quality TV with fantastic sound. A good TV set will have you see every blade of grass and all the big catches. You’ll also want a soundbar that will play over the noise of the party. This Roku soundbar will immerse your guests to the game as if they are in the crowd themselves!

A Good Entrée

The main course of the evening can make or break your party. Avoid the stress of the pizza delivery driver showing up late with only half of your order. Make the pizza yourself and try out this margherita pizza! Your guests will love this and may even want to try it at home themselves. For something more handheld, try out these grilled bison sliders!

Proper Clothing

If you aren’t a big football fan and don’t know what to wear to the party don’t worry, we got you covered. Football isn’t an occasion for dressing fancy and is perfect for a casual fit. Wear a t-shirt, jeans, a jersey, or the colors of your favorite team! For the Swifties, you can get away with wearing your favorite tour shirt you picked up at your last concert!

The big game is a fun tradition many Americans celebrate. Root for your team with all your heart, and if you’re team isn’t in the game, enjoy the time with your friends and family instead! Let us know who you want to win by tagging @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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