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If you are a beginner chef trying to hone your craft, look no further than this fundamental cook book! This cook book includes simple recipes and basic lessons that will make you a kitchen expert in no time!


This all-new exploration of the fundamentals of cooking is perfect for anyone (from brand-new to experienced cooks) who wants to learn not just the “how’s” but also the “whys” of cooking. Why does pizza bake better on a stone? Why do mushrooms benefit from water when sautéing? Why should you salt food at multiple stages during the cooking process?

More than 80 focused courses let you dive into your favorite topics, whether it’s pizza, fried rice, fish on the grill, or birthday cake, and take a mini-bootcamp on the subject, each introduced by an ATK test cook.

Courses are presented in easily digestible sections so you don’t have to read a lot before you pick up your knife and start cooking. Cooking principles, technique, key takeaways, food science, and more are woven into each course so you learn as you cook.

Infographic pages take you farther behind recipes and ingredients: See how olive oil is really produced, or how temperature affects the state of butter (and why firm, soft, and melted butter behave differently in cooking).

Every chapter progresses from the basics of the best way to poach a perfect egg and make chicken broth to upping your game with huevos rancheros and mastering the elusive roast chicken. If you want to feel accomplished and really know how to cook, come learn with America’s Test Kitchen.



I absolutely LOVE all their books! The show makes everything look so easy and this book is the best gift for young folks learning their first kitchen! GREAT gift for young adults, couples learning to cook!


I’ve cooked for over 20 years, but pretty much just follow the recipes and don’t really KNOW about cooking. I got this book to expand my cooking skills, basically for baking from scratch. But this is so much more! Never thought I would sit and read a cooking book for pleasure, but this is so interesting. Very glad I got this, give you basics and much more.


For all cooking enthusiasts, this is a must for your library. Tons of tips and techniques organized progressively. The recipes are wonderful with beautiful photographs.

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