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As we enter the heart of winter and have storms brewing all over the country, it’s best to prepare for the worst have the right safety equipment. This emergency road safety kit provides you the equipment you may need should you get put into an unfortunate situation this winter!


Road Assistance: Be prepared for the unforeseeable with this AAA branded Roadside Severe Weather Road Kit; the ideal accessory for every driver on the road. From your seasoned driver to your new driver, this is the kit to keep you ready.

AAA Quality: With the backing of the most trusted name in the automotive industry, AAA, you know when you accessorize your vehicle with a AAA all in one auto kit. This includes first aid components, as well as a folding aluminum emergency shovel and other winter weather road safety essentials, that you are receiving only the finest components.

Multi Purpose: Car kits are the essential accessory for trucks and cars alike. These are especially useful and necessary during winter driving when vehicles are more susceptible to run into issues.

66 COMPONENTS: Our winter safety kit makes the perfect gift for your loved ones to keep them prepared for winter driving conditions. Contains essential road safety items as well essential car first aid items such as bandages.



Great value for the price! The perfect gift for the young driver in the family or a first time car owner. Gave me a little piece of mind knowing my daughters have a little bit of extra security in the trunk of the car.


All inclusive winter weather kit. Worth the money.


Case is lightweight and appears to have everything needed for the beginning of my winter emergency prep kit. I would recommend this as a great starting point to build up from.

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