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With the new year comes new hobbies that will help you reach whatever goals you have. Some people want to go out more, some want to get in touch with nature, and others would prefer to be more creative and be nicer to their brain. This list should have all of that and more! Hopefully one of these works for you and will make 2024 YOUR year!


Grabbing a paintbrush and taking up painting is a good way to boost your self-esteem and explore your creative side! Painting also provides strong mental health benefits and is often seen as a form of therapy to rest ones mind. There are many different forms you can try, so the possibilities for what you can make are endless!


With many mental health benefits, calligraphy is a hobby you might want to try out this year. This is the artform of having beautiful, decorative handwriting. Calligraphy is an art that can stimulate the brain and improve cognitive function. Working on your calligraphy skills helps focus period of your brain and allows for better concentration on longer tasks.


Blogging is writing short form articles for the web that lets you share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences with others. You can talk about whatever you want so you won’t have to feel pressured into writing about only one thing. If you have a topic you’re passionate about, share it with the world! Tell that funny story from your trip to the Caribbean! Let people know about your favorite restaurants downtown!

This is also a way to improve your writing and communication skills both interpersonally and to larger audiences!


If you’re looking to strengthen your mind and body in the new year, give yoga a shot! If traditional workout routines aren’t for you, yoga is the perfect alternative! One 20 minute yoga session can burn up to 120 calories as well as reduce your anxiety, adjust your posture, improve your flexibility, is a great way to build muscle strength, and helps lower blood pressure. Also, yoga pants are very comfortable to wear.


Picking up a camera and going out into nature is a fun way to clear your head and get in touch with your surroundings. Photography is easy in that you can do it practically anywhere! If you start your own travel blog, flex some of your fantastic photos in the article on top of it! Photography helps alleviate stress, is a good confidence builder, and lets you capture memories you might have not been able to capture otherwise.

Learn a New Language

Looking to travel out of the country the new year? Learning a new language will help you be more prepared for your trip and communication with the locals will be much easier! This helps better your memory, is a good exercise for your brain, and improves your skills with your native tongue. It also looks good on your resume and can open up many different new job prospects for you!

Whether you want to focus on a new hobby that focuses on your health or just something fun to do, any of these are a great pick!

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Rachel Caple

Rachel Caple has more than 18 years of experience in mortgage banking industry. Residing in Castle Rock, CO. Rachel spends her spare time with her husband, Sean and 4 boys. She also enjoys traveling, attending hockey games, and playing golf (or attempting to).

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