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Every year we see new fashion trends take center stage and dominate the runway. While you can’t always predict what is going to take over your social media feed, you can follow what fashion experts and designers are putting out there. This pulls from various trusted fashion companies and compiled with styles we consistently saw. Containing styles that are for everyone, we hope you take part in what the 2024 fashion world has to offer!

Subversive Prep

The preppy look is predicted to make a comeback in 2024. Featuring cardigans, polos, button down shirts, and pull-overs, this look was given a refresher at recent fashion shows in European markets. This makes sense as every few years an older look is given a new aesthetic and is given new life. Pair these with a layered mini skirt and you’ll be getting compliments on your amazing outfit left and right!

Polo Shirts

Prepare for a polo revival in the new year. With the head designer of Prada and Miu Miu boldly claiming that polo shirts are in for 2024, it’s hard to argue against it. This varies from stylish new designer polos to vintage ones you can find at your local Goodwill. Depending on how you fashion it, you can be apart of this trendy style.

Wardrobe Basics

Classic wardrobe pieces like button down shirts and solid colors are being ordered more and more according to multiple online clothing retailers. This is an interchangeable style as it can be worn casually or in professional settings. Pair one of these shirts with basic denim jeans and you can go out on a casual date or spend the day in the office! Depending on the situation you may need to plan for what type of shoes to wear but this outfit works for all of it!

Vintage Revival

Vintage clothing should continue to be trendy in 2024. With Gen Z and Millennials love for thrifting good finds, retro clothing is here to stay. New things to look out for will be the addition of retro accessories from previous decades, specifically the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Printed t-shirts and flared jeans will also continue to be fashionable and who can say no to an old crewneck sweater? This is a fun and simple style that is easy to wear and fun to find!


Fringe is coming back in style, but not how you would think. No, we’re not telling you to grab your dad’s favorite jacket from high school out of the closet. Many companies are making flapper style dresses of the 1920’s and adorning them fringe details. These have been all over runways recently and are sure to continue to trend in that direction during the year!

But if you do want to use that old fringe jacket from the 70’s we don’t blame you.

Sustainable Fashion

As with most industries, sustainability is quickly becoming a major focus for many fashion companies. Brands are increasingly using more recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste. Fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp made products are on the rise and starting to trend. This varies on company for what is being made but we know what helping the planet is on the rise for 2024.

Now you have it, the top trends in fashion in 2024! There’s a lot of the old coming back but we can also see a glimpse of the future on the horizon. We’re excited to see if any of this pans out and what 2025 is gonna have to offer!

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