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Winter is often called “The Season of Giving” and encourages helping others and spreading cheer to all. If you’re looking to make this your season of giving, use the list below to help give you some ideas on how you can give back to your community and Be A Good Human!

Send Holiday Cards to Troops

There are many troops deployed overseas and are away from their families, making the holidays sometimes difficult to go through. Sending a holiday card with an inspirational message to a troop overseas is sure to warm up their winter!

Foster an Animal

Many animal shelters and rescues are often overrun with stray and surrendered animals during winter. Volunteering, donating supplies, or fostering an animal will help lighten the load for these shelters and give an animal a second chance at life!

Donate Toys

Not every child is fortunate enough to wake up with a mountain of presents underneath the Christmas tree. Organizations like Toys For Tots give out new toys to less fortunate children all across the country. Donating a toy is a wonderful way to light up a child’s holiday and give them a toy they will always cherish!

Knit Warm Clothes

These cold winter months can be hard on many people, and for many, it can be difficult to stay warm. If you are crafty and like to knit, making and donating gloves, hats, and scarves helps keep those who are less fortunate warm.

Read to Kids at the Hospital

As the weather gets colder, respiratory illnesses increase putting many people in the hospital. Many children’s hospitals ask for volunteers to come in and read books and stories to the children there. Light up a child’s imagination with your favorite childhood book!

Bake for First Responders

First responders like EMTs, Firefighters, and Police Officers spend many long hours away from their loved ones. Baking sweets like cakes, pies, and cookies for first responders will give them that extra boost of energy to make it through those long holiday shifts. If you are looking for a recipe to try, make these cherry oatmeal cookies!

Donate Food to Local Shelters

Many shelters use this time of year to stock up on donated foods for the next year. If you are looking to help, consider donating some of the following canned goods:

Peanut butter

Canned soup

Canned fruit

Canned vegetables

Canned stew

Canned fish

Canned beans

Pasta (most prefer whole grain)

Rice (most prefer brown rice)

Check out Feeding America’s website to find a food bank near you!

Host a Coat Drive

As we’ve mentioned, the cold winter months can be a challenge for many. Starting a coat drive and collecting warm winter clothes from your community will help many in need!

Volunteer at a Nursing Home

Nursing homes can be lonely places for the elderly, and families are not always able to visit their loved ones during the season. Volunteering at a nursing home and spending time with the elderly will bring them a lot of holiday cheer! If you’re singing carols, reading books, or simply just giving them someone to talk to, spending some time at a nursing home is a great way to spread positivity and holiday cheer!

Hopefully, this list gave you the inspiration to go and help others in your community. If you have any other ways to volunteer, let us know by tagging @homebygeneva on Instagram!

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