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Want to give the gift of learning? Look no further than this Knitting Kit for Beginners from Creative Nation! This kit has all the materials you’d need to make a pair of gloves, a hat, and a scarf to keep you warm this winter, paired with easy-to-follow instructions! With a handy app loaded up with fun and delicious recipes, this is the perfect gift for a loved one!


Learn How to Knit – Master the basics of knitting and unlock a valuable lifetime skill. Enjoy the creative process & craft beautiful cozy items. Get ready to stitch your way to fun and relaxation.

Complete Starter Kit – Our knitting kit comes with essential knitting tools for beginners: a printable instruction guide, soft wool yarn, bamboo knitting needles, yarn needles, and locking stitch markers.

Easy-To-Follow Instructions – Dive into knitting & learn at your own pace with our easy step-by-step digital and printable knitting instructions. It comes with illustrations and videos to help guide you into your new craft hobby!

3 Simple Projects – Knit a stylish scarf, cozy hat, and comfy fingerless gloves with your newly learned skills. Feel a sense of accomplishment with these simple projects and impress others with your cool handmade creations!

Great Gift – Give the gift of knitting! Our complete beginner knitting kit with 3 simple projects and essential tools is perfect for any occasion. Share the experience of knitting!



This starter knitting kit has soft yarn, which is great for someone who is just beginning! I also noticed the bamboo needles are very smooth and easy to use. The instruction manuals are easy to pull up on my phone and are extremely detailed. This is my first time knitting for me so it seas very helpful. They even include some videos to help with tricky steps. Great for children or adults of all ages. Was very affordable considering the quality and what’s included.


I purchased this kit because I wanted to learn how to knit, and was very happy with the quality of the materials (both yarn and knitting accessories), as well as the instructions. This is a very thoughtfully constructed kit, and makes getting started with knitting an absolute breeze. Highly recommended.


An excellent gift for young or beginner knitters! Excellent quality for the price as well.

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