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Looking to capture your favorite fall moments with a vintage feel? Look no further than the Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Film Camera! This revamped Polaroid camera features the classic features from the Polaroid cameras of the past with some key upgrades for capturing your memories with fine detail. Everyone has pictures on their phone, but having a physical film picture to showcase brings so much more value.


NOW INSTANT CAMERA: Rechargeable instant camera, easy to operate to capture the moment with an original Polaroid picture that is compatible with I-Type and 600 Polaroid film

AUTOFOCUS: The New double exposure feature allows you to get two frames in one Polaroid photo allowing for more creativity in your pictures

SELF-TIMER: Now has a self-timer with a simple tap you have a 9-second countdown and with the new accurate flash your pictures will look like they should



Ahh, nostalgia. I remember using Polaroids as a kid and being captivated by the instant availability of the photos. This was a great hit with my daughter and a fun gift that she really enjoyed. Just like I remembered, with a much cooler design.


I love this camera, and it is easy to use. It reminds me of my parents growing up!


Easy to use, my 7-year-old had a ball with this! Nostalgic moments for myself as well!

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