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Fall is almost here and the temperature is finally starting to cool down. It’s time to put on your favorite flannel, take in the cool brisk air, and go outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. We compiled some activities you can do outdoors so you can stay active and enjoy the season!


Going on a hike helps strengthen your muscles, bones, and strengthens your heart health while burning up to 500 calories an hour! This is also a good way to focus on your mental health as hiking can help reduce stress and anxiety, and it allows for you to take a break from the outside world to enjoy your surroundings. Most parks have trails varying in difficulty so there are options for beginners and avid adventurers!

We also found a fun trail mix recipe that’ll add some zest to your hike.

Horseback Riding

This one is for the animal lovers. Horseback riding improves cardiovascular health and is a fun way to improve your core strength! The motion of the horse and your position on top of the animal required make for a pleasant full-body workout. This can also lower your blood pressure as the exercise and bonding time with the horse often help alleviate stress and anxiety. Many areas offer horseback riding lessons nearby, you might just need to go for a drive to get there as many are located on farms and other rural areas.


One way to get a fantastic workout while also taking in your surroundings is to go kayaking! With a motion that mainly includes rotating your torso and applying pressure with your legs, kayaking is a great upper-body workout that will increase the muscle strength in your back, arms, shoulders, and chest. This is also a good cardiovascular exercise that will strengthen your heart and increase blood flow. You also get the relaxing feeling of floating on water as you glide down streams and rivers, soaking in the natural landscape around you.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking consists of riding bicycles on off-road terrain such as trails and mountains. One of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health is by mountain biking as it enhances lung performance, helps with high blood pressure, and gives your blood an increase in oxygen. This is the ideal exercise for weight loss and is simultaneously easy on your hips and joints. On top of that, you get to explore your surroundings and take in your surroundings.

Go Out for a Picnic

Picnics are a relaxing way to go outside and enjoy a nice meal with loved ones or spend some alone time and soak up the sun. While this is not as physically strenuous as the other activities on this list, picnics are still a great way to move around and enjoy the nature around you! Here you can play at the park with the kids or just go on a relaxing walk and get your steps in.

These activities are a fun way to go outside and improve your health in the process. Before starting these be sure to have the right equipment and to drink plenty of water!

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