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This simplified smart percussive therapy device prioritizes the essential features you need while maintaining the power and effectiveness of Theragun’s deep muscle treatment. Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster in seconds.

Ergonomic Multi-Grip

QX65 Motor with QuietForce Technology

120-Minute Total Battery Life

4 Easy-to-Clean Attachments

Smart App Integration with Bluetooth®

Customizable Speed Range



I am an old gal these days with arthritis, deep muscle aches and pains. In my earlier days I tried chiropractor, cortisone shots and exercise. Over the past six years quite often dry needling physical therapy. I was visiting my daughter who recently received the theragun from her hubby for Christmas. I tried it out and fell in love. This small but mighty instrument is absolutely amazing!!!! I would highly recommend it.


I will preface this with, we didn’t want to spend the My partner was a Firefighter EMT in his previous life. A few too many falls with some heavy equipment did him in and 2 back surgeries later…here we are. He is always in constant pain so we look for ways to try and manage that. We bough a cheap percussion massager off the Amazon, and it worked..until it didn’t. I had to crank that thing all the way up and almost put my whole body weight on it for him to find any relief. So a year after dealing with that…we purchased th Terabody Prime. OH-MY-LANTA! We should’ve done this right from the start! Not only does it deliver a better more even pressure, on it’s own. The results last HOURS LONGER that anything he got from the cheaper version. I will also say, being the one who is actually using and holding the machine during his sessions, this thing feels amazing! My hand and wrists don’t get tired or giggled like crazy. So comfortable to hold and so smooth operating. So So worth everything and more!


The triangle grip lets you hold it in infinite ways to get to harder reach places. The app with guided sessions is surprisingly helpful. Very pleased.

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