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Start your new planner when it works for you and take planner breaks without losing any pages. 

Start your new planner when it works for you with our undated vertical weekly planner. Glance at your monthly plan with your detailed daily schedule in full view. 

– Spiral: 1.25in diameter

– Cover Material: 2.5mm chipboard mounted with matte laminate

– Closed planner (including coil): 12.75in wide x 9.25in high

– Open planner (includes coil and cover): 24.5in wide x 9.25in high

– Monthly Calendar (overall dimensions): 7in wide x 7in high

– Monthly Calendar Boxes: 1in wide x 1.375in high

– Header row to label the days of the week (at the top of the monthly view): 7in wide x .5in high

– Inside short pages (overall dimensions): 4.375in wide x 9in high

– Daily priorities box (top of the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 1.13in high

-Schedule column (middle column with lines on the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 5.63in high

– To-do today box (at the bottom of the weekly short pages): 1in wide x 1.38in high

– This week column (far right of the weekly short pages): 1.38in wide x 5.63in high

– To-Do This Month Space: 3.87in wide x 8.5in high



I thought about waiting for the tracker planner to restock but decided to get the vertical planner for now so I can just get started. I have now written out my planner for the remainder of my school year and showed off my new planner’s abilities to my team at school and they all wondered where I got it. I’m in love and can’t wait to see how refreshed my brain will be planning in the way it works. Bonus: shipping was really fast


I’ve been searching for a planner where you can see everything and don’t have to keep switching between monthly and weekly plans. I love this planner so much and even bought one for my sister.


The packaging was gorgeous, I’m obsessed with this planner. I struggle keeping things organized and hated traditional planners due to not being able to see the monthly overview without flipping pages over. I’m obsessed and will buy again. The colors are absolutely gorgeous.

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