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There’s nothing like the feel of an enthusiast-level mechanical keyboard. Every desk deserves one—but not everybody has the time to source components and build one.

That’s where Drop’s Expression Series comes in. As the most accessible line in the Icon Collection, the Expression Series is the place to find pre-built keyboards with enthusiast-level quality. Each one is outfitted with a host of excellent components and quality-controlled assembly for peerless performance.

Adding more than a bit of bamboo-inspired style to the Expression Series, the Shinai Keyboard features a green aluminum ENTR case with exclusive bamboo artwork, as well as the Bamboo Keycap Set from the Skylight Series for a curated aesthetic.

It’s also outfitted with Drop’s Holy Panda X Switches and Phantom Stabilizers for a truly tailored tactile feel. Plus, it’s backlit with white LEDs to deliver sophisticated illumination in low-light settings. Equal parts natural and functional, the Shinai Keyboard may just make your typing a martial art.


87 keys 

Layout: TKL

Case: Green ENTR anodized aluminum case

Pad printed case artwork (Artwork by OSHETART)

Switches: Holy Panda X

Keycaps: Skylight Bamboo keycaps

Drop Phantom Stabilizers

White backlighting 

Connectivity: USB-C


USB-A to USB-C cable

Keycap puller

3-Year Standard Warranty



I’m a newbie when it comes to mechanical keyboards, but this keeb is my favorite! I love the feel and sound of its tactile Holy Panda switches! The overall keyboard and keycaps are so so beautiful, and I appreciate the little sprout designs! At first, the colors were darker than I expected but I grew to love it. I’m always posting it on my deskgram account


I’ll be honest… I didn’t need another keyboard… but it was too adorable to pass up on. The keys are quiet for me, and it’s nice for when I need to do some work.


I cannot express how in love with this keyboard I am. It has the perfect amount of clonk from the keys without being overly loud. They’re so silky to the touch and the backlighting is beautiful. (It is just the solid color backlight, no RGB.) You can adjust the brightness of the backlighting or turn it off completely (but why would you want that?!). I’ve been waiting for just the right keyboard to upgrade to and this was it! The little sprout detail and coloring is stunning! It is a little heavy but very well built. I’m also a kickstand user, so I love that feature! I have no complaints about this keyboard!

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