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Pumpkins are a token fall squash, but how many times have we watched them rot and waste away on the front porch? We love making the most of what we have, so if you’re interested in giving your fall pumpkins a second life, we have the tips for you.

Roast Them

If you’re using your pumpkins for carving, roasting the seeds can be a great way to use the entirety of the pumpkin. Plus, you get a delicious snack while carving! *

Cook Them

When it comes to cooking, pumpkins might be more versatile than you think. Whether you’re pureeing, roasting, making soup stock, or anything else, the pumpkin’s hearty nature is sure to satisfy. Check out these savory pumpkin recipes by Pioneer Woman for ideas! *

Compost Them

So, what if you’ve already carved them? It’s not too late! Once you no longer have a need for your pumpkins, you can give them a new purpose through compost. Whether you have your own compost or use someone else’s, pumpkins will make excellent soil for the next season of planting.

Bake Them

Of course, we couldn’t create this list without sharing the most obvious (and maybe best) way to reuse your pumpkins. Creating a delicious, fall-themed dessert might just be a requirement if you’re looking for ways to make the most of your pumpkin harvest. *

Donate Them

What if you’re not interested in the extra work or maybe you just don’t like pumpkin? Plenty of organizations would love to take them off your hands. Check with local zoos, sanctuaries, farms, and composters to see if any of them can make use of them.

Decorate Them

Did you know uncarved pumpkins can last up to 2-3 months? It might be hard to believe, but if you have extra pumpkins and you can keep them untouched and out of the sun, they make excellent fall decorations, and may even make it to Thanksgiving!

We always love to find new ways to reduce waste and our footprint where we can. We hope these tips will be useful to you this fall. Maybe you’ll even start a new tradition!

*Be sure your pumpkins are clean, unrotted, and untouched by insects or animals before consuming. Pumpkins kept inside the home may be best.

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