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Gone are the days of boring, blank, minimalist walls. 2023 home design has been all about showing off personality and unique style, and specialty wall treatments are having their moment in the spotlight. We wanted to share our favorite wall treatments that are coming back into style.

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Wallpaper originally went out of style almost 100 years ago but it has made a comeback in a big way. People are no longer just using it for accent walls either, now choosing to paste it nearly anywhere from hallways to bathrooms to all across kitchens. Colors and patterns are bright and modern and contrast well with popular vintage furniture and decor trends. Wallpaper is also great for renters with damage-free alterations that can be removed at move-out.

Box Trim & Board and Batten

These treatment styles are classics and have been trending for some time now, but we don’t see them losing steam anytime soon. Easy to install and beautifully simple, both box trim and board and batten can look stunning in nearly any home. We love them on accent walls in contrast with a bright paint color or eye-catching wall piece.


People are putting more and more thought into making their house a home. A personalized mural is a unique way to catch attention and personalize your space to your taste. We are seeing people all over the internet design murals for different areas of the house, but our favorites so far are the ones for kids’ rooms! What a cool way to make the kid zone the fun zone.


Throw images of old, boring tile with dirty grout from your mind. We are talking textured tile, colorful tile, tile made from different materials. We saw this example with vintage notes and fell in love. Use it as a kitchen backsplash or to decorate your fireplace for a pop of something different.


Limewashing is the 2023 professional interior designer’s wall treatment of choice. Introduced by the Belgians, limewashing involves crushing limestone into a powder, burning it, and mixing it with water into a putty. The putty is then aged and thinned out with water and colored with natural pigments of choice. This paint style is eco-friendly and a great way to add dimension and luxury to your next redesign.

Styles phase in and out but one thing we can say for certain is that these wall treatments have taken home design to the next level. We are so excited to see how people choose to level up their spaces next!

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