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A practical and stylish addition to your cookware collection, this sleek, stainless-steel slow cooker from GreenPan adds browning and steaming functions to its repertoire. The pioneering company behind PFAS-free healthy ceramic nonstick cookware presents its latest Thermolon Volt healthy ceramic nonstick coating featured on the interior of the inner pan.

Create flavorful masterpieces all in one pot – including searing – all at the touch of a button. Finish off your dish on the Slow Cook setting or choose Steam for a healthy way to cook fish and vegetables, then set the cooker to Simmer/Buffet to keep everything piping hot while your guests serve themselves.

6-qt. slow cooker.

Hard-anodized aluminum inner pot with Thermolon Volt ceramic nonstick interior.

One-touch preset functions include Slow Cook, Brown/Sauté, and Steam.

5 Slow Cook modes include Hi, Lo, Reheat, Simmer/Buffet and Keep Warm.

Set cooking mode and time and the LCD display on the digital control panel counts down. At the end of cooking, slow cooker automatically switches to Keep Warm setting for up to 8 hours.

Inner pot and lid are dishwasher safe.

Searching for your first recipe? Try this pulled pork barbecue sandwich recipe from the Food Network!



I bought this slow cooker to replace 2 older Crock-Pots and used it for the first time yesterday. What I love: the ability to sear in the cooker, the color (white), the light weight of the insert, the handles on the insert that make it easy to left out, the ease of cleaning the insert, the size (perfect for my family of two). The caveats: the difference in hight and low settings default is only 10 degrees (my old Crock-Pot on high reached 300) so you may need to adjust the temperature manually if you really need a quick cook, the length of the plug cord. Since this slow cooker sears, it may spatter. Most kitchens have plugs on the backsplash under upper cabinets. It is difficult to get this slow cooker far enough away from upper cabinet to avoid grease splatter. Note to GreenPan – please make a longer cord.


I have owned several Slow cookers, either they were hard to clean or if they were non stick the non stick surface would flake. This is a breeze to clean, brown evenly and shows no wear when using metal utensils. The first thing I used this for was pulled pork with bbq and it came out delicious with easy cleanup, much different than my last nonstick slow cooker ! This is my first item from this collection and I will definitely be adding more pieces. Ps the chicken cacciatore recipe was is awesome on WS website!


I love the GreenPan series and the slow cooker is no different. It has a great nonstick and cooks well. I would highly recommend!

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