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June is National Homeownership Month! To celebrate, we put together a list of our favorite tips for being a better homeowner, because there is more to it than the paperwork.

For many, homeownership is a dream, one we at Geneva Financial love to help others make happen. Once you have it though, how do you ensure you’re going to be a good one? We’re here to help!

Build a Budget

Owning a home can be expensive. The best way to combat that is by being prepared! Carefully assess all income and expenses to ensure you’re within budget each month. We also recommend having a sufficient emergency fund set aside to cover any unexpected costs that pop up over time! Check out our Financial Literacy Checklist for more in-depth guidance.

Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

A great way to save on costs and personalize your home to how YOU want it is by learning a little DIY! There are plenty of resources and guides online to get you on the right track, and you’ll feel so much more accomplished seeing improvements you made yourself!

Try Eco-friendly

An eco-friendly home is designed to combat waste and climate change and cause as little of an impact as possible. Using natural materials, reducing waste, and making climate-conscious decisions in your day-to-day life are what having an eco-friendly home is all about! See how eco-friendly homeownership benefits you as the homeowner HERE.

Set Up a Neighborhood Watch

A tight-knit community cares about its neighbors! Consider getting together with a few people in your development to set up a neighborhood watch. Knowing that someone you trust is looking out for you and your home can make you feel even more at peace, and your neighbors will feel the same way.

Get Insured

Guarantee your peace of mind by ensuring you have the proper insurance for your home and your belongings. Nothing is ever certain, but at least be confident that if disaster struck, you are protected as well as you can be!

Control Your Pests

Invasive pests like ants, wasps, mice, and cockroaches can multiply and spread like crazy if you don’t take proactive action! Keeping up with regular pest control can keep your home free from unwanted scurrying friends and the diseases, droppings, and bacteria they carry.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

A great way to improve your home’s value and your relationships with your neighbors is by keeping up with regular home maintenance. A clean front yard, a safe roof, and a maintained facade make all the difference! Read this maintenance checklist to see our suggestions!

Prioritize Safety and Repairs

Whether you’re your home is historic or brand new, safety and repairs should always be top-of-mind. Be sure to do regular checks on your fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and any other essential safety tools! You should also have an emergency plan in place that all household members are aware of. Real Simple has a fantastic home safety checklist for you to use!

Give Back to Your Community

Your neighborhood gives what you put in. Build a community that cares for the people in it by participating in community service, trash pick-up, or even something as simple as bringing fresh baked goods to your new neighbor. We’re all human. Let’s bring that back.

Stay Up to Date on Your Mortgage

Our most important tip is to stay up to date on your mortgage. It’s never good news when you find out you’re behind on payments or weren’t quite prepared for what you signed up for. That is why you need a trusted mortgage professional in your corner there to give you the real facts on your home loan! If you’re not in your new home yet, or if you’d like to speak with someone you can trust about your situation, connect with your local Geneva Financial Mortgage Loan Officer today!

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