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Everything you need for a quick, easy cleanup is right at your fingertips with the world’s first all-in-one paper towel holder and spray pump! The holder’s perfectly balanced tension arm allows for one-handed tearing of paper towels, and a single push unlocks the integrated pump stealthily concealed in its center. The pump’s ergonomically designed trigger smoothly delivers a continuous fine mist of cleaner that covers dirty, greasy surfaces. Pair with our specially formulated multi-surface cleaning tablets as well as our 90% recycled high-performance paper towels for a sustainable cleanup solution.


Smooth and precise, our ergonomically designed pump effortlessly dispenses a continuous fine mist to blanket dirty surfaces for fast, thorough cleaning. The 6 oz. pump reservoir provides over 175 pumps.

Hook the finger loop and take our paper towel pump wherever the mess is. A downward push unlocks the pump for quick access when you need it.

Our jumbo paper towel rolls have the highest possible sheet count to fit neatly on the wide base of our paper towel pump. The rolls last longer for less hassle and better value!



Nice quality, very stylist. Easy to tear with one hand. The cleaning tablets cleans well and smells amazing. Nice for quick spills clean up. Still have the original Simple Human paper towel holder, ( 25 yrs old), moved to guest bathroom. New one in kitchen. Love simple Human products.


This looks great and saves having spray bottles on the counter. The paper towels tear off super easily with one hand. Spray pump on inner bottle works perfectly and holds more than I thought it would.


Love the pump for quick clean ups and the towel holder holds the towels nicely so I don’t get more then I want


Love love this paper towel holder. Not only does it look beautiful, it has a convenient bottle of a spray designed right into it. Wish I bought it sooner.

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