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Enhanced Entertainment: These smart light bars stylishly add depth of color to your home theater creating a more impressive entertainment system. Upgrade your home lighting decor and give yourself a more exciting viewing experience while binging your favorite shows this winter.

Govee Smart TV Light Bars


Multiple Scene Modes: Create the atmosphere you need with several dynamic scene modes to choose from. Each mode displays different colors and light effects, helping you fully immerse in your art worlds.

Sync Your Music: With a built-in mic, the tv backlights sync smoothly with music or sounds from your screen. Choose from four modes (Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate), all greatly enhancing your movies, karaoke nights, or gaming worlds.

Smart App Control: Enjoy access to an intuitive timer function, customizable DIY colors and light effects, plus zestful music and scene modes. With these features, transforming how you watch paintings, artworks, pictures is easier than ever.

Two-way Installation: Attach the smart light to the back of your TV or PC with strong adhesive. Or, use the stands provided for an easy set-up next to or behind the screen. These LED lights are quick to install and easy to operate.



GOVEE came outta nowhere and shot straight to the top, and for good reason too. The quality and features of premium LEDs like Phillips, but at way cheaper prices. I was about to buy some LED strips for my setup but these looked way more convenient…and they are. Setup is a breeze, they’re versatile, sleek, and VERY bright (or dark depending on your preference), and the number of options you have are endless. The app is great and allows you total mastery of the LEDs from a distance. Call me Ang, the Light Bender. I lay in bed and come up with creative designs for my mood. Each light bar can show 4 different individual colors at once and feature numerous states such as breathing, blinking, bleeding, etc. I really can’t list them all.


I did install a couple of Govee lights in my office as those are Bluetooth enabled and I don’t have to install a separate hub. Installed these behind my monitor to reflect lights from the wall. It’s a great product overall…

Compared to Philips Hue Play – these are easier to install (no screws involved, and the Bluetooth pairing and firmware update is simpler too). If you are looking for a color light (not purely white spectrum WW to CW) these are very good IMHO. From a white spectrum, these have less brightness and lower CRI, especially for CW (which is made an as a combination of WW and Blue). But pleased after all.

The Govee app has a million functions, which I’m not sure I will ever use, but it’s way more intuitive (surprisingly) than the Philips Hue app. Govee support is much superior to Philips Hue as well.


I have had LED lights that stick to the back of the TV, but these are so much better! They are bright and the app is very user-friendly. I would recommend anyone that is looking to have lighting behind their television to go with this product, I have had no luck with the type of LED light strips that you have to stick behind the TV.

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